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'I believe in the science': The businesses trying to lead Australia to a greener future

Here is a section from a Sydney Morning Herald article written by Emma Koehn and Cara Waters that features Powerdiverter, along with other Australian entities staying ahead of the curve. Just to put this section in context, I was asked specifically about my view on where Australia's leadership stand in regards to progression with emerging low-carbon technologies, and what the future looks like for Powerdiverter Australia.


More support needed

South Australian-based Powerdiverter is one startup working to harness renewable energy better and use less energy overall. Powerdiverter expands 'solar diversion' technology with devices which attach to electric hot water systems so that households with solar power can maximise excess energy and get free hot water.

Run by UK founder Daniel Lawes and business development manager Tyler Jackman, the company, which has sold $2.8 million worth of units here and overseas, is now turning its mind to manufacturing in Australia.

Jackman says Powerdiverter is well-placed to be a key piece of the global transition to clean energy, however it’s clear Australia is still focused on the traditional energy industry.

"We are the lucky country, but there is a lot of money tied up in the old system," he says.

Jackman says overseas growth may be a better solution for the startup. Please see the full article in The Sydney Morning Herald here

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