About Us

Who we are

Power Diverter Limited was established in 2012 at the University of Sussex Campus’s Sussex Innovation Centre in East Sussex and now have offices in Burgess Hill. The Powerdiverter was initially developed from an innovation development grant from the South East of England Development Agency (SEEDA). We worked with top academics at the University of Brighton to develop a proof of concept which then led to the incorporation of Power Diverter Limited.

The Power Diverter team are made up of experienced solar PV experts and electronics engineers. The idea came from our Managing Director (Daniel Lawes) when he visited a solar PV installation and realised most of the power being generated was not being used by the consumer, it was in fact being exported back to the grid. It was then he realised the solution and together with his team he created the Powerdiverter.

What we do

Utilising some of the United Kingdom’s best minds, we have successfully designed, developed and fully tested the Powerdiverter which helps owners of renewable energy systems such as solar PV, maximise their usage of the excess electricity generated from their systems. Our engineers have created a device that is simple to install, easy to manage but most of all maximises customers Return On Investment (ROI) from their renewable installation.

All products have a three year guarantee and are manufactured locally in the South of England.

Power Diverter Ltd aims to be known globally as the No.1 place to come for energy storage. We have a very exciting roadmap for our future products which will lead the way in the energy storage market.

Our latest Powerdiverter is now the easiest to install in the UK and will provide Free Hot Water utilising only free excess power from your solar PV system. With no plumbing, additional wiring or maintenance, Powerdiverter should be your No.1 choice in solar power diversion.

Join the Powerdiverter revolution! 

Company Details

UK company no. 08216091
Registered Company Name: Power Diverter Limited
Registered Office Address: Suite E, KBF House, 55 Victoria Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. RH15 9LH
Phone: 0800 0599515
e-mail: sales@powerdiverter.com