Here you will find help and advice on installing and using the Powerdiverter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How should I set my heating controls after installing the Powerdiverter?

A: The Powerdiverter heats the water in your tank using the immersion heater.  This has a thermostat on it to regulate the temperature.  This is separate from the other thermostat that is usually on the outside of the tank.  The photo below shows the location of a typical immersion heater and the thermostat.  In this example, the immersion heater is at the top of the tank and covered by the black protective cap.

The thermostat has a red dial that sets the temperature from about 40C to 70C.  For use with the Powerdiverter, it should be set to at least 60C. 

To make the best use of the solar power, the external thermostat for the gas/oil boiler should be set to either the same or slightly lower temperature setting as the immersion heater thermostat.  This way, the solar power will heat the water to a higher temperature than the gas boiler and this will cause the gas boiler to switch off.

If the gas boiler thermostat is set to a higher temperature than the immersion heater thermostat, the solar power would not be used and the gas boiler would work harder!

If you decide to check / adjust the immersion heater thermostat, please make sure to turn off the electricity to the Powerdiverter and immersion heater before removing the protective cap on the heater element.


Q: The Powerdiverter transmitter isn't showing export (blue LED mostly on) when it's sunny.  What's wrong?

A: One thing to check is that the sensor clamp plug is pushed all the way into the socket.  It's quite a tight fit and the plug should click into the socket fully.

Also, check that the clamp is the right way round and that it is installed in the right place.  The diagram below shows this:

The sensor clamp can be installed either before or after the supply meter but must be installed before the connection to the solar PV inverter.  This is particularly important where the PV system has been installed via a Henley Block that splits the electricity supply before the consumer unit.

A good tip is to turn off the solar inverter when installing and testing the Powerdiverter at first. 

This way the transmitter will always show some electricity being imported and the red LEDs on the Powerdiverter should remain off.  If the clamp is the wrong way round, the sensor will read imported power as false export power, causing the red LEDs to light up and the immersion heater to come on by mistake.