Powerdiverter (unit only)

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"The UK's No.1 for reliability"

The Powerdiverter uses custom made wireless technology making this product one of the easiest to install on the market. Years of experience within the solar PV industry has been key to the design and functionality of this product and will maximise your return on investment.


Product Features:

  • Free hot water using your existing immersion heater.
  • Save up to an additional £330 each year on your energy bills.
  • Fully tested to comply with British standards.
  • Easy Boost button for hot water on demand.
  • Use up to 100% of the excess power being generated.
  • No plumbing required.
  • Can be fitted to any new or any existing Solar PV system.
  • Wireless technology for quick and easy installation.
  • Variable Power Control.


Package includes:

Powerdiverter power controller,
Powerdiverter sensor transmitter,
AC adaptor,
Power sensor clamp,
Wall fixings for Powerdiverter,
Installation and usage guide.


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