Recently in the news there has been discussions over smart technology, in particular smart phones and televisions.  As it turns out, they are so smart they can listen to what you say!

The Metro covered this latest revelation a few weeks, with the tagline, "Don't Trust The TV .. it could be listening!!" while we laugh at this mere prospect, the truth of the matter is, some of these devices when connected to the internet have the ability to listen to what you say and potentially pass on any findings to a third party. Scary stuff!

I do not have a smart TV, and the fact that it 'might' be able to listen would not put me off buying one. I have nothing to hide. But if you do, it might be worth disconnecting it from your WiFi.... just in case. 

Our Powerdiverter is smart technology, but it cannot listen to you. It just works on it's own accord and heats up your hot water using excess electricity generated by your solar PV system. If you want to hear more on our solar diverting device, get in touch with a local installer near you.



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