Friday October 3rd is 'Buy British Day'!

Powerdiverter is proudly designed and made in the UK. Buy a Powerdiverter and you support not just our own Sussex based business, but also the family-run factory in Sussex who builds the Powerdiverter for us, the UK based suppliers of electronic components we use, the plastics manufacturers who make the box, the packaging suppliers, tee-shirt printers, stationery suppliers, print shops, web designers, and even the baker down the road who sells the delicious walnut & carrot cupcakes Dan buys as treats for us in the office! Phew! Who knew it takes so many people to build a Powerdiverter in the UK?

Call us today on 0800 059 9515 and claim a 10% discount on your first Powerdiverter ordered before 5pm! Just mention 'Cup Cakes' when you call!

Even if you don't buy a Powerdiverter today, take a wander down to your local shops and maybe pick up a cup cake or two! Visit the 'Make it British' page for more home-grown products to try out.




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