We are delighted to announce that Powerdiverter, a unit that makes it possible to divert excess power from solar PV to immersion heaters helping to provide free hot water, has formed a partnership with Rexel.

Operating in 37 countries, and with an estimated 2,100 branches, Rexel are considered to be leaders in the distribution of electrical supplies and services.

 This new relationship with Rexel enables Powerdiverter to have a national reach, whilst giving electrical contractors increased access to a money saving product.

Rexel will have the latest model from Powerdiverter, featuring a wireless mains sensor unit.

Further features and benefits of Powerdiverter are:

End User Features:

  • Provides free hot water year round from your solar panels!
  • 100% utilisation of your solar energy
  • Easy boost with 30, 60 or 90 min boost times
  • One button operation
  • Easily fitted to new or existing solar PV systems
  • Patented wireless technology with up to 300m range
  • Easiest and most reliable power diverter in the UK
  • Standard 3 year warrantee

Installer Benefits:

  • Easiest to install in the UK
  • Maximise your profits
  • New battery or mains sensor unit gives you and your customers more
  • Batteries last over 2 years
  • No additional wiring
  • Simple one button set up
  • No plumbing
  • Compliant to BS & EN standards

How can you start saving?

These are just some of the benefits, you can read more on Powerdiverter here, and visit Rexel for enquiries on purchasing.



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