• Free Hot water using your existing immersion heater and solar panels
  • Save up to £300 extra on your annual energy bills
  • Fully Compliant with British Standards
  • Can be fitted to new or existing Solar PV system
  • Easy Boost button for hot water on demand.
  • Use up to 100% of the excess power being generated.
  • No plumbing required
  • Will not affect your Feed In Tariff rates or payments
  • Can be installed within 20 minutes with our NEW wireless battery or mains sensor unit
  • Patented Wireless technology (no additional wiring required).
  • Variable Power Control that delivers free energy in all weather conditions.
  • Designed and built in the UK


"We are on a prepay key meter paying 22p per kWh and our house is all electric. We were very lucky to be asked to be a test house for the Powerdiverter. Also installed was a meter which counts how many units of free excess solar electricity the device diverts to provide free hot water. In just 11 months the meter showed the Powerdiverter saved us £306.46. This amazing device has saved us half of what we usually pay through the key meter so this has had a real impact on our fuel bills!
The Powerdiverter is Brilliant! Thank You."

Chris Nicholls, Paddock Wood - February 2014

Free Piping Hot Water!

"We had south west facing solar panels and the Powerdiverter installed at our home at the end of March 2014. So far the Powerdiverter has given us free warm water from first thing in the morning and piping hot water from 9.30am for the rest of the day. We previously used the gas boiler every day to heat water, but have only had to use it 3 times since installing the Diverter. I would definitely recommend the Powerdiverter!"

Sue Cummings, West Sussex - August 2014

We Are Very Pleased With Our Solar Powerdiverter!

"Since it was installed last April, it has made a big difference to our electricity bills. Through the summer months it allowed us to use our immersion to heat our hot water, completely free of charge. We think we have diverted 545kWh in this way. A saving of about £100, depending on your tariff. (this home has an electric shower and they only have a small hot water tank which they use to bath their young child. Another amazing saving)
What a clever invention! Thank you Power Diverter."

Sarah Cooper - January 2014

Summer Quarter Bill is £180 Lower Than Last Year!

"We saw and purchased Powerdiverter at EcoBuild, London 2014. We had one installed and have used it for 5 spring / summer months. We have had free hot water all this time. We are thrilled with the product and service from your company. We recommended the Powerdiverter to our 86 year old neighbour and he had one installed as well. He is delighted with it and has sung its praises to all his friends. Our summer quarter gas bill is £180 lower than last year - Thank You Power Diverter."

David Marchant - August 2014

Free Hot Water With Just Our Excess Solar Electric Power!

"We are very happy with our Powerdiverter which since installation this spring, I estimate has saved us around £150-£180 on heating water this summer using just our excess solar electric. With the controller installed in the kitchen it is convenient to monitor and use. When we do not generate sufficient excess power, we supplement water heating using the easy to manage EASY BOOST or our existing oil fired system. Thank You Power Diverter!"

Rob Gowen - August 2014



The Powerdiverter uses custom designed patented wireless technology, making it very easy to install. Years of experience within the solar PV industry has been key to the design and functionality of the Powerdiverter to maximise your energy and cost savings.


The Powerdiverter is fully automatic. Its clever sensor knows precisely how much power your home is using and only diverts spare solar power during the day to heat your water tank.

With its Easy Boost button, you can simply call for full power heating for 30, 60 or 90 minutes at any time of the day or night, giving you hot water on demand. Once the Easy Boost timer has counted down to zero, the Powerdiverter returns to automatic solar operation.


Our new battery or mains sensor unit can now be installed in seconds. The new controller unit has new tool-free power connections, making it the fastest and easiest to install in the UK!. No additional wiring, No plumbing, One button set up pairing of sensor and controller. 


It tells you when the water is HOT!  Our simple LED display lets you know how much energy is being diverted to the water tank and lets you know when the water is up to temperature at a glance.

Energy monitoring platforms are also available for more detailed information to your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Our favourite is the Owl Intuition PV monitor.  Please ask your installer for more details.


+ Easiest solar diverter to install in the UK.

+ Install in under 20 mins with our new battery or mains sensor unit.

+ Batteries and mains adapter included in the box!

+ Very simple one button set up.

+ No additional wiring.  No plumbing.  No maintenance. No return visits.

+ Wago cable connections for tool-free fast and easy wiring installation.

+ High quality components throughout.

+ Market leading 3 year warranty.

+ No.1 for technical support!




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